Put It All Behind Us

by In Other News

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released September 11, 2013

All songs written and performed by Sean Patten




In Other News Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Basterd
Found a strand of your hair and that shirt that you wore on our first date/
I can see you sitting there Vanilla Coke and long red hair/
you were tired then/
But I made you wake up/

And I could be so mad
But I'm just living as I should

I could be a bastard/
I could be such a prick/
I'll put it all behind us/
and learn from it

Hit me up at 3 a.m. say you miss me but where were you hours ago when I needed you the most/
Should I have stalked your twitter/
If I'd have found that I don't know what the fuck I would have done/
Track Name: Jawbreaker
I was a wreck and I was a liar/
Stuck inside my own world/
I thought about the life we'd have/
But thinking of the future just gets me down/

Anxiety grips me when you're not around/
Sometimes I want to write sometimes I want to die/
My body's too heavy and nobody likes me/
It feels like I'm watching a dream exist around me/

I got issues/
I'm so unwell/
I don't know when it happened/
You knew well before me/

Your wrote in journals I wrote in music/
You kept it in and I let the whole world see/
I thought the glass was half empty/
But you just took a swig 'cause you were thirsty
Track Name: Bug
I’m All Alone/ In Our/
One Bedroom Apartment/
You Say We’re Growing Apart/
And I Don’t Understand What You Mean/

I’m Falling Backwards Now/
I’m Feeling Tears Start To Fall/
They Dribble Down My Cheek/
I Feel So Alone Right Now/

I Love You/ No Matter What You Do To Me/

I’m Laying Down On The/
Bathroom Floor With A Towel Over Me/
Like When I Was A Child/
It’s a Comforting Feeling/

You’re Likely Better Off/
With Him Because He Doesn’t Have/
This Anxiety/
But Would He Feel Like This/

I Hope You Don’t Hear/ Me Cry Myself To Sleep/

Well These Pills!/ They Don’t Cure Heartache!